Designed to bring clinical fat-reduction

26. Sep, 2017


Silk’n Lipo - 1st PROVEN Targeted Fat-Reduction

Just 15 min. a day to reduce stubborn fat - no diet, no exercise! Delivery by Christmas GUARANTEED!


About Silk'n -

It began 10 years ago when a group of scientists, engineers, and professionals, renowned for their achievements in developing minimally invasive aesthetic devices for cosmetic surgeons and clinics, set out to bring these technologies home. The goal was to create devices that people could use in the privacy of their own home that truly delivered professional results at affordable prices. Led by CEO Moshe Mizrahy, the team set out to chart the future of natural beauty skin care.


Let’s face it, we all have those stubborn areas of fat we just can’t get rid of. Using Silk'n Lipo for just 15 minutes a day on targeted areas will reduce stubborn fat, and strengthen underlying muscles. The result: a slimmer and more toned body - NO DIET, NO EXERCISE! Delivery by Christmas GUARANTEED!

Using Silk'n Lipo for just 15 minutes a day on targeted areas will reduce stubborn fat, and strengthen underlying muscles, giving your body a slimmer and more toned appearance. You’ll see results with no additional diet or exercise in just 8 weeks. Silk’n Lipo helps you lose fat and contour your body on your schedule.

Silk’n Lipo shrank the advanced LLLT (Low-Level Light Therapy) technology found in clinical-sized machines down to dimensions that can be used at home. LLLT is an established fat-reduction technology that’s popular in high-end clinics because it’s safe and it works.


Certain frequencies of light cause temporary pores to form in the body’s fat cells. The fatty content of the cells drains out through these holes and is then evacuated from the body through the bloodstream in the same, natural manner as regular dietary fat. Once the fat cells are emptied of fatty content, they shrink and the fat is permanently removed from your body, leaving you slimmer and more contoured.


EMS (Electro-Muscle Stimulation) has been used for many years by physical therapists and elite fitness trainers to enhance the muscle strengthening regimes of their clients.


EMS works by delivering a gentle electrical impulse to the muscle’s fibers causing them to flex and work. The muscle can’t tell whether the command to flex comes from the brain or from EMS. So by using EMS, you can workout and strengthen your muscles without actually hitting the gym.

Silk’n Lipo was designed to bring clinical fat-reduction technologies into home use. It was developed with anyone in mind who was looking to target the common areas of stubborn fat we all have. Whether it’s because you’re a busy parent or the hustle of your work week means your schedule is too hectic to squeeze in exercise, or you just find that no matter what you try there are some stubborn areas that just won’t shrink, then you can use Silk’n Lipo to get the results you’re looking for. As a targeted fat-reduction device for body sculpting, it isn’t intended for large-scale fat loss or to treat obesity. 



The technology behind Silk’n Lipo has been exhaustively tested and it has been proven totally safe for everyday use. There is no increase in warmth, nor any other form of discomfort accompanying treatments. All you’ll feel is your muscles gently working beneath the device in response to the EMS. There are no known adverse or long-term side-effects. Silk’n Lipo is effective yet 100% safe and non-invasive.