Solar Charging Pad

5. Sep, 2018

Halo: IP65 Wireless Solar Power Bank with Light

Waterproof Dust-Proof | 20,000mAh | Wireless Charging | 70hours Flashlight | Power 4 devices at once


No more low-battery! With the 20,000mAh capacity, Halo can fully charge your iPhone 7 times.

The Solar Charging Pad provides limitless power supply anytime anywhere.

The 786LMs LED light/flashlight will get you brightness for camping, hiking or emergency.

✅ Up to 2x Faster iPhone Charging

✅ Fully charge your iPhone 8/X for 7 TIMES

✅ Up to 70 hour Light or SOS Flash for emergency

✅ Limitless Solar Power Supply

✅ Power 4 Devices at once

✅ IP65 Waterproof & Dust-proof for harsh environments


It can charge all your stuff, it can get you back home if you need light. Its just like one thing, one thing that you can bring with you that can do everything. 



 HALO: Wireless Solar PowerBank with Light

The Best Solar Light & Power Supply for All Your Adventures

Watch HALO Here


New Shipping Schedule: All the orders placed in August will be shipped in September.

HALO is the best power bank designed for your daily charging and outdoor activities.

The wireless chargerbuilt-in solar chargerLED light makes Halo the most versatile portable power station in the world. 

HALO is IP65 waterproof and dust-proof, it can get you solid power supply/lighting in any harsh environments. 

Get HALO to go wireless, power your phone at Full-Speed anywhere, anytime.


HALO is the Largest Capacity Portable Power Station that you can take in the carry-on luggage to fly with.






10. Feb, 2018

ZUS Smart Car Charger

The world's most intelligent charger: charge 2X faster,

monitor your car battery, and more


The ZUS® Smart Car Charger not only charges your mobiles devices at twice the speed,

but also provides a suite of smart features via a companion app. Once connected,

use the ZUS app to monitor your car battery health, find your car, share your location,

get parking meter alerts and log your mileage.





POLAR SEAL Heated Tops bring you

heat at the touch of a button.


POLAR SEAL is a base layer zip top that brings heat on demand at the touch of a button.

Designed and tested for alpine conditions and the great outdoors, the garment can be comfortably worn under a jacket or layered on top of a T-shirt,

making it a great fit for both casual wear and sports. Both men and women’s cuts are tailored to fit comfortably close to the body to ensure efficient transmission of heat.

Shock and waterproof LED-lit control buttons at the wrist allow users to easily adjust between two heating zones and three temperature levels.

The top delivers heat in less than 10 seconds. Moreover, the buttons are responsive enough to work with gloves, ensuring that you won’t have to take off any gear to activate the heat.

POLAR SEAL leverages a similar technology that is used in fighter jet pilot jackets. The elements are thin and flexible, creating a durable and breathable garment.

The garment is washable by hand at 40~60°C.

Specs & features:Three heating modes: lower back, upper back, dual zonesThree power levels: low (40°C), medium (45°C) and high (50°C)A standard 10Ah power bank (not provided) will deliver heat for up to eight hours

A choice of colors and sizes:Sizes: Women XS, S, M, L, XLMen S, M, L

Garment material:92% polyester and 8% elastane






17. Nov, 2016


Products for your home, office, photography and more.


 From the creator of the award-winning Core Wireless speaker, comes the raD! A rugged, portable “go-anywhere” wireless networked speaker with a powerful, engaging radial soundfield. Connect seamlessly to your Core network for music in different rooms. Take it outside - the raD’s built to defy rain, dust, dirt and the rough and tumble of life.

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