Vital3®'s unmatched ability to relieve joint agony and stiffness!

10 successful clinical trials over 10 years have confirmed
Vital3®'s unmatched ability to relieve joint agony and stiffness!

No wonder its breakthrough science was awarded 14 U.S. patents!

With over $45 million spent in research at some of the nation's leading medical schools, Vital3® is among the most clinically-validated natural supplements ever made. Study after study shows that within weeks, many people experience less stiffness and improved joint comfort all day long.

The 10 human clinical trials further support its effectiveness in relieving knee and shoulder stiffness… improving mobility…reducing soreness around joints... lessening inflammation…and increasing grip strength.

Let me tell you about one study that caught my eye. It involved 60 adults with severe, active joint pain. Subjects were given either Vital3® or

an inactive placebo mixed with their juice prior to breakfast each morning.

After four and 12 weeks, those who took Vital3® showed significant improvements on ALL AREAS TESTED :

  • Joint swelling — DOWN
  • Tenderness and pain — DOWN
  • Overall achiness — DOWN
  • Mobility and ease of walking — IMPROVE


Once You Stop The Joint Destruction, Three Things Fall Into Place:

  • You immediately feel less pain because the attacks on your joints have stopped.
    The cause of your acute pain has been removed.
  • Your joints stop degrading. Unless you find a way to stop joint cartilage attacks, the damage keeps getting worse. Vital3®'s 3 little drops halt the ongoing destruction.
  • You begin rebuilding cartilage. Vital3® flips your immune switch from destruction to construction. Your joints go into heal and repair mode — rebuilding the cartilage you lost, and restoring your ease of movement and flexibility.



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