19. Jan, 2017

World's First Wearable Charging Cable Bracelet.

NIFTYX: The Wearable Charging Cable with POWERBANK

World's First Wearable Charging Cable Bracelet. This is your SECOND cable!


After the success of the first campaign, we now officially announce the latest version of our NIFTYX bracelets. It includes new colour and better compatibility and stability for devices. Have you ever left your cable behind? Have you ever felt desperate to get some emergency power for your devices? If so, NIFTYX is your solution! NIFTYX is the charging cable that integrated with a POWERBANK to provide you the emergency use. It can be also used as a charging cable alone too!


NIFTYX bracelets - NIFTYX Awesome Bracelet aka NAB & NIFTYX LifeSaving Bracelet aka NLB offer you the most handy solution for the device charging. You no longer have to worry about leaving your charging cable behind & run out of juice when you are in emergency.

NIFTYX bracelets are able to charge your devices up to 2.4A to provide the fastest charging solution. And it also allows you to sync your devices as well so you can just carry our bracelets for most of the uses.