16. Jun, 2017

Regrows Lost Hair After 19 Days

Baldness Cure Branded "Too Simple To Ever Work" Regrows Lost Hair After 19 Days

Hair loss is commonly caused by things that can upset the body’s natural androgen levels; or things that create inflammation that leads to the destruction of hair follicles;

or mechanical damage to hair shafts and skin; or a poor environment for hair follicle growth such as impaired blood supply or infection.

Here are hair loss therapies that will address one or more factors that prevent hair loss or lead to a boost in hair growth.

In general we can say that each hair loss therapy will have one of the following characteristics:

1. Protects against or removes the causes of hormonal (androgen) imbalance by use of antioxidants to

prevent oxidative damage to key androgen-linked mechanisms.

2. Reduce inflammation

3. Help blood supply to hair follicles

 4. Support the needs of hair follicles in the growth (anagen) phase. a. Supportive of the environment in which hair shafts grow.

5. Protect against ageing and other systemic damage relevant to hair growth with antioxidant mechanisms It really is as simple as that.

In the following tips we present some simple home based therapies that have been scientifically shown to do at least one or more of the things above to boost your hair.


Is a known activator of the SIRT1 stem cell gene and is thus heavily implicated in androgen receptor function –

this lends weight to a possible mechanism for control of hair loss. It is a SIRT 1 activator that produces the same health benefits as Caloric restriction –

it prevents and corrects age-related hair loss.


Has anti-inflammatory properties with tremendous potential for application to ameliorate hair loss and facilitate hair

growth and colouring amongst other effects.  Studies have tied inflammation underlying hair loss to overexpression of nuclear

factor-kappa beta (NFkB) and TGFbeta.

NFkB turns on genes that produce the body's inflammatory responses. Curcumin has been shown to inhibit TGF-B, a known cytokine implicated in MPB.

 Curcumin protects against oestrogen mimicking compounds and damaging free radicals which in turn promotes normal cell cycle growth and resists ageing biomarkers.


ARGAN OIL – Golden Elixir for Hair Regenesis

This anti-ageing oil is extracted from the Argan tree (Argania spinosa) that is indigenous to Morocco.

The oil extract has the ability to stimulate skin (dermal) stem cells that address areas such as dry scalp but most importantly is able to induce new hair growth.

The research conducted in 2009 led to the discovery of the role played by dermal stem cells in hair growth.

The University of Toronto study also highlighted the terrain of the damaged scalp as being an important factor in restoring hair growth.

The focus of their research was centred on adult stem cells. This landmark study discovered a therapeutic approach to

restore hair loss (alopecia) and provide a way to restore hair growth in millions of people who suffer from this condition.

Let’s take a deeper look so that we can understand how Argan oil can change our scalp ecology and promote hair growth.

The researchers knew that adult stem cells are able to shapeshift into different types of cells, to perform different functions.

In the skin these active stem cells are housed in little reservoirs in both the dermis (middle layer) and epidermis (upper layer).

From these areas stem cells are available as required by our skin to repair and renew itself.

This is the same principle that is applied when our bodies heal a wound.

After a few exploratory studies they realised that at the base of the hair follicle, cells released a stem cell marker (Sox2) that

responded in a similar manner to the way that dermal stem cells behave.

When they noticed that these cells could morph into different cell types that stimulated hair growth they realised that these cells

were in fact dermal stem cells and designed to regenerate hair growth and maintain the scalp in optimal balance

The hair secret lies in this plant’s unique stem cells that are super resilient to the harsh conditions that these trees have survived in,

over a long period of time. Multiple studies have shown that these plant stem cells stimulate our dermal skin cells to grow hair follicles!

VITAMIN D – The Sunshine Vitamin

Studies have long documented the fact that people who suffer from vitamin D deficiency, rickets and vitamin D receptor mutations commonly present with alopecia areata.

This shouldn’t be too surprising given that vitamin D is in fact a key hormone essential to many processes in the body –

Hair follicles are particularly sensitive to hormonal actions in the body.

Studies also showed that the more severe the alopecia, the less vitamin D was in the bloodstream.

 Aside from the benefits of vitamin D in hair loss it is also important for a number of other reasons such as the regulation of calcium

 and the maintenance of healthy bones and teeth; and may have strong protective functions against certain cancers, multiple sclerosis and type-1 diabetes.

B-Complex Vitamins (Biotin & B5)

Biotin boosts hair by protecting and repairing damage from over styling, excessive sun exposure, heat treatment damage and over shampooing.

Vitamin B5 plays an important supporting role in adrenal gland functioning and has been shown to stimulate hair growth.

Eating foods rich in both vitamin B5 and Biotin can aid new hair growth and prevent hair loss so we definitely recommend increasing intake of the following:

Sources of Vitamin B578 - brewer's yeast, corn, cauliflower, kale, broccoli, tomatoes, avocado, legumes, lentils, egg yolks, beef

(especially organ meats such as liver and kidney), turkey, duck, chicken, milk, split peas, peanuts, soybeans, sweet potatoes,

sunflower seeds, whole-grain breads and cereals, lobster, wheat germ, and salmon.

Sources of Biotin - brewer's yeast; cooked eggs, especially egg yolk; sardines; nuts (almonds, peanuts, pecans, walnuts) and nut butters; soybeans;

other legumes (beans, blackeye peas); whole grains; cauliflower; bananas; and mushrooms.


Coconut Oil – Healthy Fats Virgin Coconut Oil has also been shown to have properties beneficial to hair growth because of its relatively high Lauric acid content.

 50% of coconut oil is comprised of lauric acid which is a medium chain fatty acid with strong antibacterial activity against propionibacterium (PN).

This bacterium plays a primary role in the pathogenesis of androgenetic alopecia and in these cases is often found in the sebaceous glands of the face and scalp.

PN initiates an inflammatory response, resulting in the production of many inflammatory cytokines which ultimately lead to a gradual breakdown of structure in the affected hair follicles.

 We’re not talking about completely altering your diet here, or starving yourself.

I couldn’t do that, and I don’t expect you to either.

Instead, all you need to do is add a few of these combinations of powerful natural ingredients to as many of your meals as you can each day.

And within the program, I’ll be revealing the exact amounts and combinations you need to achieve the fastest possible results.

That’s literally all it takes to prevent the PGD2 enzyme from being activated, which will not only stop any further hair loss, but allow you to turn on your dormant follicles,

and start re-growing new hair again, just as you did when you were a kid. And just imagine for a moment how that would feel…


  • Imagine no longer feeling self-conscious about your hairline…
  • Imagine the confidence you’ll have when you look in the mirror, and for the first time in years,
  • or even decades, see a permanent, thick and full head of hair staring back at you…


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