Type 2 Diabetes Defused...and Defeated!


 According To The Centres For Disease Control (CDC)…And The Diabetes Association, Right Now…As YOU Read This…

9,315 People Are Hurtling Towards A DEADLY DIABETES DISASTER!


That's why we've compiled this brand new book to help diabetes sufferers everywhere...

Type 2 Diabetes Defused...and Defeated!

: 97 Most Powerful Secrets For Controlling Blood Sugar Levels Naturally is a must-read if you currently have diabetes or if you have these classic risk factors for diabetes....

  • Are you overweight by more than 20%?
  • Do you take little frequent exercise?
  • Do you have a relative with diabetes (parents or siblings)?
  • Do you belong to one of the following ethnic groups: African American, Native American, Latin American, Asian American, Pacific Islander?
  • Do you have "Impaired Fasting Glucose" (IFG) or "Impaired Glucose Tolerance" (IGF) on previous blood tests?
  • Do you have high Triglycerides (blood fats)?
  • Do you have the right balance of LDL and HDL cholesterol?
  • Do you have a history of high blood pressure?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above then you could already be on the wrong-track to a life where diabetes becomes the bully on your back.

So, now is the time to take decisive action and stop being bullied by diabetes. It's no use just leaving it, hoping that you won't become one of the 24,000 people who die prematurely every year in the UK due to complications related to diabetes.

What you're about to discover are some of the most effective, scientifically-proven, natural ways to get your blood sugar back on track and avoid becoming insulin-dependent.

And In just a moment, I'm going to get VERY specific about the types of diabetes breakthroughs you'll find in this book, so please keep reading...

But first, I want to tell you about the secret culprits that - if left to do their damage - can put you at even greater risk of diabetes.

You won't be told about these by your doctor – he's only interested in treating your symptoms, not getting to the root cause of the problem.


Are You At Risk From These FIVESecret Causes of Type 2 Diabetes?

Having diabetes is bad enough, but when it's caused by something that is mostly preventable and avoidable, then it makes it doubly urgent that you take immediate action against the secret culprits, such as:

  • This common virus – carried by many people without ill effects – displays NO symptoms ... but when triggered can cause your body to attack the pancreas and disrupt insulin production. Find out what it is and what you can do to stop its devastating effects...page 13.
  • New research from Harvard Medical School shows that having high levels of this toxin in your body DOUBLES your chance of developing type 2 diabetes.  Most of us are exposed to this every single day from toiletries, cosmetics and household cleaners....Find out what you can do to combat this on page 17
  • Korean researchers have found that people with high levels of these chemical pollutants have a 5 times higher risk of diabetes. On page 18 you'll find out how to flush them out with these common plant extracts...
  • Eat these foods to prevent this common bacterium hijacking your stomach. Latest research points to this bacterium causing elevated blood sugar levels especially in obese people. Here's what you can do on page 18.... 
  • Common prescription medicine can cause diabetes. Shockingly, despite FDA warnings, doctors still prescribe this drug to millions of people.  Here's what to do on page 20 - 24 if your doctor tries to write you a prescription for this drug...

Getting a clear picture of what may be the underlying cause of your diabetes could be the first and only thing you need to do clear the way ahead for a life free form the disease.

And that's one of the main reasons why I want you to have a copy of DIABETES DEFEATED: 97 Most Powerful Secrets For Controlling Blood Sugar Levels Naturally to read, use and evaluate – totally RISK-FREE for ONE YEAR.

This way, you don't risk a single penny. I'm betting that once you read about the proven secrets and remedies in the book...and begin seeing the incredible restorative changes these remedies offer, you'll want to keep it forever...and recommend it to everyone you know.

More specifically, let me give you a small "taste" of what you'll discover in the pages of this extraordinary book...


New Answers And Groundbreaking New Approaches That Will Help Get Your Diabetes Bully Off Your Back

Well, in your risk-free copy of DIABETES DEFEATED: 97 Most Powerful Secrets For Controlling Blood Sugar Levels Naturally, you'll discover scores of new, next generation breakthroughs that in decades to come you'll look back and wonder: "why weren't we ever told about these all those years ago?"  For example, you'll discover...

  • Cut your diabetes risk with....cheese!? Sounds incredible, but new research is starting to contradict conventional wisdom on fermented dairy products.  Find out on page 90
  • Replacing carbohydrates with this 'superfood' helps control diabetes...Plus, helps you lose weight. Full details on page 92
  • "My doctor didn't believe it!" This four herb tea slashes blood sugar by 18% in just eight weeks...reduced food cravings, too! Full details on page 105
  • Sugar shocker! This zero-calorie natural sweetener stabilises blood sugar and reduces insulin resistance.
  • An out-of-sync body-clock can increase your risk of diabetes by 600 per cent! Researchers discover secret for 'tuning' vital hormones to regulate blood sugar. Fully explained on page 118  
  • The 'bitter' fruit extract that's MORE effective than drugs! Proven in dozens of studies to reduce blood sugar and preventing cataracts...Full details on page 122
  • Like metformin, but 100 per cent NATURAL and WITHOUT the side effects! This plant also prevents blood clots and acts as a powerful anti-bacterial. Here's how it works on page 126
  • This 'super' anti-oxidant does everything any diabetic could wish for. . . controls blood sugar . . . protects eyes, kidneys, nerves, heart and arteries from damage . . . plus helps you lose weight too! 
  • Warning! You may need to ditch the diabetes drugs and reduce the frequency of your insulin shots...just by upping your intake of these 'triple halo' mineral nutrients.  Find out the best way to re-stock your body's store on page 134

If you want to protect your heart, liver, pancreas, limbs, eyesight and many other vital functions from the ravaging effects of diabetes...and dramatically improve your entire health...I truly believe DIABETES DEFEATED: 97 Most Powerful Secrets For Controlling Blood Sugar Levels Naturally is essential reading for you and for anyone who may be a sufferer.

There are plenty  of websites trying to sell you the absolute cure for diabetes at a pretty penny, all claiming that their product will bring you results in a matter of days.

But that's exactly why you need to be fully armed with all the information contained in DIABETES DEFEATED: 97 Most Powerful Secrets For Controlling Blood Sugar Levels Naturally so that you can sort out the champs from the charlatans.