2 Amazing Brain Nutrients

15. Oct, 2017


2 Amazing Brain Nutrients combined

to help prevent

cognitive decline and dementia


Hundreds of scientific studies, which include dozens of well-designed clinical trials show that Magnesium Phospholipid Complex could improve learning and memory, help prevent (and potentially reverse) cognitive decline and dementia, relieve depression and low risk factors for heart disease and stroke – including inflammation, blood clots, plaque formation, high blood pressure and carotid calcification.


Magnesium Phospholipid Complex is a unique combination that supports the nervous and psychological systems by combining magnesium with phosphatidylserine from sunflower.

This nutrient combo 

is a natural choice for supporting 

brain health.


We need to recognise the extent of magnesium’s involvement in almost every aspect of our health, and the fact that magnesium deficiency, which is widespread in the UK, plays in a wide variety of diseases. Emphasis on the importance of magnesium for Brain function has now been established beyond a doubt.


Magnesium Phospholipid Complex could help keep your heart healthy too. The lower your magnesium level, the higher is your risk of cardiovascular events, including heart attack, cardiac arrest and angina.


Phosphatidylserine appears to be equally as important as magnesium in maintaining brain health and cognitive ability. Ageing brings on several biological changes in the brain and diminishes phosphatidylserine in brain cell membranes which are then replaced by cholesterol resulting in consequent impairment in brain function.


Several trials have shown, that elderly people with memory problems, benefit from taking it safely as it improves their memory, word recall, learning, concentration, speech fluency and the ability to perform complex tasks.


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