23. Aug, 2018

His Alzheimer’s Decline Didn’t Just Stop… It Reversed!

Simply Put — in My 30+ Years as a Doctor —

I’ve Never Seen ANYTHING So Simple Restore Brain Function So Fast


My name is Dr. Al Sears.

And this memory-restoring miracle is the centre piece of my 30-Day Alzheimer’s Reversing Protocol.

I prescribe it DAILY at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine. And it’s helped thousands of people regain the clarity, mental powers and independence of their youth.

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And no matter how “hopeless” your case, I promise you’ll feel a boost in mental alertness almost immediately after just one spoonful.

 How can I be sure?


The patient in the National Institutes of Health study was no ordinary Alzheimer’s sufferer.

Identified as “T.P.”, his mental powers started slipping at just 51 years old. That’s young. Typically cognitive decline doesn’t start until after your 60ᵗʰ birthday.

But T.P. had the most aggressive form of Alzheimer’s — younger-onset Alzheimer’s.

And over 12 years his condition kept sliding downhill.

Until this memory-restoring miracle restored his mental faculties.

But that’s not the most amazing part. What’s really incredible about this story is…

One Spoonful Cured His Alzheimer’s… TWICE!

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After an MRI confirmed, “severe right-sided atrophy of amygdala and hippocampus, consistent with Alzheimer’s disease,” T.P. enrolled in the National Institutes of Health clinical trial.

But 10 weeks later, after taking one spoonful of the memory-restoring miracle three times a day, he took the test again.


The Results Were Astounding…

 He Scored 8 Points HIGHER, for a Score of 20.


Said differently — according to the standard test of cognitive function — T.P. no longer had Alzheimer’s.

With the researchers noting, Rapid improvement in T.P.’s personality, mood and tremor.”


T.P. kept with the program and continued stunning his doctors with “additional gradual improvement occurred in gait, social participation, word finding and recall of recent events.”

In other words…

His Alzheimer’s Decline Didn’t Just Stop…

It Reversed!


And T.P. stayed practically cured of Alzheimer’s for two full years!

But this is where the story takes a dark turn…

A follow-up study put T.P. on an Alzheimer’s drug. And within a month his Alzheimer’s symptoms returned.

Researchers reported T.P.…

“Became increasingly depressed and [confused] he began wandering, lost interest in yard and house work, and required step-by-step instruction and considerable assistance to dress and complete hygiene-related tasks.”

Said Differently, in No Uncertain Terms…

 Big Pharma’s Drug Make His Alzheimer’s Come Roaring Back!


And that’s not hype… the changes really did happen in the blink of an eye.

Researchers recorded video footage, and reported…

“Thirty minutes of video taken between 2 to 3 hours following the first dose demonstrate a marked improvement in mood and the ability to recite and write out the complete alphabet, which he had been unable to do for many months.”

In Other Words…

The Second Time it Cured His Alzheimer’s in 3 Hours!


On Average, My Patients Knock 21 Years OFF Their Neurological Age


That’s the life-changing potential the Alzheimer’s Protocol can deliver… even if… you only follow PART of the program.

The best part?

 It involves…

  • No surgeries or drugs
  • No dangerous side effects
  • And no prescriptions, doctors or hospitals.

How is all this possible?

It’s no mystery. Think about it this way. Your brain, your heart, your lungs… every single organ in your body needs energy. Without it, your organs can’t do what they need to do on a daily basis.

Eventually they start to fail… and then… so do you.

But if you could just boost your energy levels up… even slightly… you could look, act, and feel like you did decades ago.

And that’s exactly why this memory-restoring miracle works so well. It boosts declining energy levels in your brain back up to 100%.


But I Can’t Guarantee How Long I’ll be Allowed to Make This Available

Information like this threatens the fortune raked in every day by our medical establishment…

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