26. Aug, 2018

Dyflogest® Singularly effective, safe, natural digestive formula,

Revealed - your first chance at proper digestion

Most Over-Hyped Digestion Products such as Probiotics, Fiber Drinks, Laxatives, and Colon Cleansers Don’t Always Work Their Promised Wonders!

But if you take this “digestion miracle” pill (which I’m about to reveal) 15 minutes before you eat … you can start to enjoy IMPROVED DIGESTION by fixing things where the problem starts — and helping to prevent toxins from piling up in your colon.

Now let me explain something most people don’t know. The reason this “digestion miracle” pill works wonders is that it beneficially targets all 3 of your body’s digestion zones: 

Zone 1 – Stomach

It is your first chance at proper digestion. Since your stomach is your largest digestive organ, you need a lot of the right digestive juices, like bile, to break down the proteins and fats you eat. This turns them into a liquid called “chyme” (rhymes with “lime”).

Bile is the yellow-green liquid that your liver excretes, and which is then stored in your pancreas, so it’s ready anytime you need to digest foods.

But if your liver isn’t excreting enough bile and digestive juices, you can’t process your food properly. Instead of smooth liquid … undigested, lumpy bits of food get pushed through. This sets the stage for major digestive complications.

Zone 2 – Liver

It is your BEST CHANCE for good digestion, detoxification, and regular bowel movements. When your “liquid stew” (chyme) enters the opening of your intestines, your liver springs into action. Your liver plays a KEY role in good digestion because, as your largest digestive gland, it delivers a lot of BILE you need to break down and metabolize food properly.

Without enough bile from your liver, you’re left with extra lumps of undigested food, leading to even more digestive problems.

Zone 3 – Intestines 

Once waste gets to your colon (your large intestine), it’s too late for traditional digestive aids to do any good. When you have weak digestion, it takes about 60 hours for food to travel through your system and pass out of your colon. Anything that’s left over in your intestines turns from green chyme to brown stool. How long feces sit in your colon depends on how well your stomach and liver have done their jobs.

The less well they’re working, the harder it is for your muscles to push this rotting waste and these toxins through your colon and out of your rectum.

So not only are you missing out on the vital nutrients you need from your food, but once this fecal mess gets into your colon and stays there too long, it becomes toxic and may leak out into your bloodstream and cells, causing you serious health problems.

Now that you understand how your digestive system really works, you can understand why …

They just don’t have the power to work in all 3 of your Digestion Zones.

This brings me to the singularly effective, safe, natural digestive formula Dyflogest®, which I feel confident in recommending to you. Dyflogest® is the advanced European digestive breakthrough that is not only proven in studies to solve the problem of poor digestion, but that also works in all 3 of your Digestion Zones


Without enough bile, your food travels through your stomach and intestines almost completely UNDIGESTED. And this is true especially when it comes to meats and fats.

But more IMPORTANTLY, unlike other digestion products — such as probiotics, fiber drinks, laxatives, colon cleansers, and antacids — Dyflogest® addresses the REAL underlying problem that could be causing your digestive problems, and that is … bile deficiency!


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The Dirty Rotten Truth About Undigested Food …

Toxins leak out… poisoning cells, blood, and organs.

TOXINS and rotting FECAL MATTER can leak out of your colon walls and seep into your bloodstream. When this toxic mess enters your bloodstream, it can poison your cells, tissues, blood, and organs.

Dyflogest®’s Breakthrough Ingredients Combat Your Digestive Problems in 3 Ways:

First, Dyflogest® supports the FLUSHING of YOUR COLON of BACKED-UP FECES by stimulating peristalsis, and relieving you of your worst digestive concerns in just days.

Second, it TRIGGERS your LIVER to make vital digestive juices — like the all-important bile — to break down food and fats in your stomach for easier bowel movements, and less gas and indigestion.

Third, it STRENGTHENS ALL 3 DIGESTION ZONES so your concerns don’t keep coming back. 

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