Take Down This Page

12. Dec, 2018

"A display from The Satanic Temple-Chicago has been placed in the Statehouse rotunda, joining the Nativity scene...

Satanism is the antithesis of religion, and should not be treated as one. No government entity should promote the Father of Lies, as this is contrary to the good of society that they are called to maintain.

Above all, these public Satanic offenses are a direct mockery to Christ's Nativity and the thousands of Christians who celebrate Christmas. These attacks must be met with opposition and prayer.

Please sign our petition, urging the State of Illinois to remove the Satanic "Christmas" display from public property.


I just signed a petition opposing a Satanic “Christmas” display on public property at the Illinois Statehouse.

It celebrates the devil tempting Eve, featuring a woman’s hand holding an apple and titled

“Knowledge is the Greatest Gift.” For more information on this and to sign the petition, CLICK HERE. Thank you.







21. Oct, 2018

Hi Dear Friends

I signed an important petition to Amazon asking them to STOP SELLING pornographic, anti-Catholic priest and nun costumes; one of which is called “Pregnant Nun.”

Aspects of these costumes, most especially the “Keep Up The Faith” priest costume, are appallingly immoral and disgustingly offensive to the Catholic Faith, priests, and nuns.

I hope you will sign the petition also.

Urge Amazon’s Jeff Bezos to:

“Take Down This Page!”

Your consideration to this matter is greatly appreciated. 

God bless you.