2. Dec, 2018

You can ENJOY life again, thanks to this natural "sugar thief"!

Now You CAN Tuck Into
a Rich Bowl of Pasta...
and Still Keep Your Blood Sugar Numbers Squeaky Clean


My blood sugar 
"Get Out of Jail Free" card.


This sugar metabolism breakthrough is nearly 100 years in the making.

And it's more urgent than ever.

Right now, 1 in 3 Americans are living with blood sugar concerns – whether it's a full-blown condition, or sugar levels that are just high enough to be cause for worry.1

And I want you to keep your blood sugar health running smoothly – and even free yourself from worry. For good.

Problem is…

The foods that make your blood sugar soar – the ones your doctor wants you to avoid like the plague – are the very foods that make life enjoyable.

Personally, I just can't imagine life without a bowl of rich pasta… or my wife's moist banana bread on Sunday mornings.

And you'd better believe…

When I'm at a restaurant, I don't want to be the guy who sits by and watches his younger – or just luckier – friends indulge.

That's why I was so thrilled when modern science finally nailed it.

It's a sugar metabolism secret that gives you MORE freedom to enjoy the foods you love… while it helps you get a tighter rein over blood sugar levels.

Studies show you can tap into this secret to fortified blood sugar control in about 30 days.

But I've seen it happen faster.

You could be just 2 weeks away 
from natural, solid blood sugar control.

So you can start to enjoy the foods you love again.

Now, I'm not saying this blood sugar breakthrough is a license to go wild at the all-you-can-eat buffet.


You can ENJOY life again, thanks to this natural "sugar thief"!

Here's how it works… and the true story of this stunning discovery.

In the 1920s, Japanese scientists identified natural factors in the bark of fruit trees – like cherry, pear and apple – that change the way your body absorbs sugar when you eat.

Those compounds compete with sugar – or glucose – in your intestine. They bind with a carrier that moves glucose into your circulation.

That leads to LESS glucose getting into your bloodstream.2,3

This sugar-blocking action was so promising, even the pharmaceutical industry looked into it.

But the breakthrough finally came in the last decade. Modern medical journals like the British Journal of Nutrition, the Harvard Health Letter, and the award-winning American Journal of Clinical Nutrition started reporting on…

The superstar of these fruit tree compounds…

They're called CGAs, which stands for chlorogenic acids.

CGAs are amazing, because they're absorbed intact in your stomach and small intestine, where they hang around for a longer time than other nutrients.4

And that's where the blood sugar

"magic" comes in.

CGAs …

  1. LOWER glucose absorption in the intestine…
  2. SLOW the release of glucose into your bloodstream, and…
  3. LOWER the rise in blood sugar after you eat.5,6,7

That's exactly the kind of 
control you need.
Especially if you're about to 
tuck into a bowl of pasta.

In human studies, when CGAs were consumed daily for about a month – in amounts much higher than you'll typically get in your daily diet – blood sugar levels were 9.5 percent lower after consuming a meal.8

That's a great number. It shows you that CGAs are doing their job, keeping your circulation clean of excess blood sugar.

It's the EXCESS sugar after you eat that you need to worry about.

A report featured by the National Institutes of Health states that the earliest warning  sign your blood sugar health is heading into the danger zone… is a higher than normal sugar rise after you eat.9  So, that means…

CGAs are your FIRST line of defense 
against rising blood sugar levels!


If you DON'T do something to rein in excess blood sugar today…

… that extra sugar can build up in your bloodstream, where it "coats" your red blood cells, making them sticky. That can lead to cholesterol build-up and harm to your blood vessels – the very blood vessels that feed and nourish every organ in your body.11,12

That's why getting 9.5% LOWER sugar after meals is so effective. It means you can…

Banish excess blood sugar before it can cause harm.

Their weight-loss more than DOUBLED!

And 80% of the weight came from fat. That means…

You can tame blood sugar AND support weight-loss AND target fat loss!

The fat-burning action is the bonus!

Put the miracle of CGAs 
to work for you today!

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