Resolutions That Transforms Your Life

21. Mar, 2019

Please consider joining me to Keep America Free from the yoke of Satan and his cohorts.


The threat of Satanism is today a reality. It is influencing our culture and growing with each passing year

It is time for us to combine forces – both PRAYER and ACTION – to drive Satan from our country once and for all.


That is our mission as Catholics. 

And I refuse to get used to this!!! I sure hope you agree!

After watching this video, you will see just how far Satanists have gotten in just a few years.

Like a silent, invisible gas, Satanists are pushing their agenda into every aspect of our culture; little by little, drop by drop…

In the Public Square, in Education…Entertainment and Government, too.

Their goal? To get us, and especially our youth, accustomed to none other than Satan himself. 

Dear Friends, the tactic of the evil one is to get us used to him, the devil. 
Just like many in society today got used to divorce, abortion, same-sex "marriage," gender theory, killing the elderly and NOW, Satan so they say, is not such a bad fellow after all.
Restrictions to infanticide is blocked - Abortion is murder but infanticide is even more obvious. The baby is outside the womb, alive, and they voted to kill him anyway. 

That is the attitude. That is the agenda. 

But the TRUTH is that Satan is the ENEMY of God. He hates God and wants to take God’s place. 

Watch this video of satanic events in America.

Satan hates all that is good and wants you and I and everyone else to join him in Hell. 

And can you not feel the demonic influence in our society, rising like a dark, venomous tide?

For each and every one of the horrific examples I mentioned above, America Needs Fatima has been there to make a public display of opposition and offer reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. 



5. Jan, 2019

Dear Friends

I am forwarding an important message from the Director of America Needs Fatima. In which he reminds us that 2019 can be dedicated to Our Lady with constant prayers, and many ways to be under the proactive mantle of Our Blessed Mother.

Please read the attached issue of Battlelines and confirm, as he has requested.

Thanks your help is much appreciated.


Dear Mrs. Cully,

Please tell me YES or NO if you find the attached issue of Battlelines useful as an inspiration for your life of prayer and doing effective Catholic action.

Could you please?

Just send me back a one-liner, saying YES or NO, by simply replying to this email.

As you can see, the newsletter is about the actions of Rally Captains who serve Our Lord and Our Lady by defending our dear Catholic faith in public.

Click here to read their stories!

I remain your friend,

In Jesus and Mary

Robert Ritchie

Director, America Needs Fatima


PS: If you find this newsletter helpful, please also share it with your friends to help them in the New Year!



30. Dec, 2018

Your Happy New Year Resolutions

New Year’s Eve is a wonderful reflective time for looking back over achievements and disappointments.

This discipline of examining the year passed and thinking about the year ahead, often leaves us wondering where the year has gone, most times we are baffled at how twelve months could pass with us doing so little towards those things most important to us.

The Christmas season is the time of Christ coming into the world.

He who makes all things new.

This is the season of new beginnings, of second chances, of trying again, of sifting through the changeable desires and ambitions that blow through our lives to find the true things, the enduring things worthy of our time and life.

Let us realise that in the year ahead we don’t have to live with events always driving and shaping us and our days. Instead we can take steps to shape events, and progress in our own lives and those corners of the world put within our sphere of influence.

It is especially a good time to set a new course because the Christmas Star is still shining, and the star of Christ is always the one to follow.