30. Dec, 2018

Make Your New Year's Resolution to Transform The Direction Of Your life in 2021

Your Happy New Year Resolutions

New Year’s Eve is a wonderful reflective time for looking back over achievements and disappointments.

This discipline of examining the year passed and thinking about the year ahead, often leaves us wondering where the year has gone, most times we are baffled at how twelve months could pass with us doing so little towards those things most important to us.

The Christmas season is the time of Christ coming into the world.

He who makes all things new.

This is the season of new beginnings, of second chances, of trying again, of sifting through the changeable desires and ambitions that blow through our lives to find the true things, the enduring things worthy of our time and life.

Let us realise that in the year ahead we don’t have to live with events always driving and shaping us and our days. Instead we can take steps to shape events, and progress in our own lives and those corners of the world put within our sphere of influence.

It is especially a good time to set a new course because the Christmas Star is still shining, and the star of Christ is always the one to follow.