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20. Jan, 2019

The #1 Vitamin Deficiency Damaging Your Brain

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Why Older Adults Need More Vitamin B12

Did you know that if you live to be 85, your chances of suffering from severe loss of cognitive function are 1 in 3?[4] Not coincidentally, a similar percentage of older adults may be at risk for B12 deficiency![5,6] 

But even younger folks aren't exempt from harm.

In a shocking recent Tufts University study, researchers found that nearly 1 in 4 people over age 26 are at least borderline deficient in B12—and may already be experiencing symptoms as a result.[7]

YIKES! These kids are barely out of college and many of them are experiencing old-age symptoms as a direct result of low B12.

The good news? B12 deficiency can be remedied easily, quickly and inexpensively. But it is critical you take the right form and proper dose of B12 in order to experience life-changing relief from these worrying "senior-itis" symptoms.

No matter whether you're 41... 71... or even 91 years old. Starting right now.

The Facts About Why Your Body Needs B12

I tell my readers all the time that knowing the basics is crucial to making a smart decision.

Your body relies on vitamin B12 for energy production. It's a key part of the metabolic process that converts carbohydrates and fats into energy—this is why it's often called the "energy vitamin."[8]

Do you know why it's such a workhorse?

 MAX-B12™ 5000, which is designed to be more absorbable, more effective and more affordable than just about any B12 supplement on the market.


B12 is one of the building blocks your body uses to produce DNA. It's vital for healthy cell growth and repair. Proper levels of B12 keep your immune system functioning optimally, regulate mood and sleep cycles and lessen the harmful effects of the toxic stress hormone homocysteine.[9,10,11,12]

But new research is showing that B12's most vital function of all may be protecting your brain and entire nervous system. It does this by keeping your nerves communicating in an optimal manner.[13,14]

Let's take a quick look at its brain-boosting benefits...

How to Keep Your Brain Sharp as a Tack


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